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174                                       VERDICT OX INDIA

We suggested, a moment ago, that he had begun to drop the
mask just before he was sent to gaol. Let us amplify this statement
by a few extracts from his own speeches and manifestoes :

* This is an open rebellion ! *
"If rioting does take place, it cannot be helped.*
* Consider yourself a free man and act as if you are free.9
4 This move will be felt by the whole world. It may not interfere
with the movement of British troops, but it is "sure to engage
Briiibh attention-5"
All very non-violent, of course ! All nicely calculated to stay
the hands of any hot heads who might be tempted to resort to
the force which Gandhi pretends to abhor ! Particularly when it
is read in conjunection with the Congress bulletins which were
flooding India like an avalanche. Those bulletins carried Gandhi's
inspiration to its logical conclusion. For example, they were
blatantly pro-Japanese :
* Japan has consistently and persistently pronounced that she
has no interest nor lust for conquest of India except that the;
Britishers are driven out and India becomes free at once/1
They were quite open in their incitement to murder. They
demanded the immediate * Formation of Guerrilla Bands to give
surprise attacks on the Tommies. 2 " They aLo issued instructions
that "Britishers' cooks are to be organized to cook bad food for
their masters'"8. . .a polite way of describing mass-poisoning.
Theft, arson, riot, and every form of sabotage were openly
advocated, irrespective of the slaughter of innocent persons which
these acts might entail. For had they not always, as their divine
authority, the great master of l non-violence,' with his subtleties,
his equivocations, his * Pharisaical glosses' ? In his newspaper
Harijan, at the time of his arrest, the following masterpiece of
evasion had appeared 'as an answer to an earnest question.5
Q. What may be permitted for disorganizing Government
within the limit of non-violence ?
*Bof;ibay Congress Bulletin, Angnst 17th, 1942.
 Leaflet entitled 'Workers of India,' issued in the name of the A.I.C.C. Office,
August 27th, 1942.